Wednesday, January 28, 2009


When I became a Graveyard Rabbit I had a lot of grand ideas. First, I wanted to visit and write about each of the Jewish cemeteries in St. Louis. Late Autumn, however, is not the best time in the Midwest to begin a cemetery blog, as it fairly quickly becomes winter. I will certainly continue my cemetery visits in the Spring.

With a little internet research I have found a handful of notable individuals buried in these cemeteries. (At least one of which about whom a song has been written.) So until the weather warms up a bit, I think I will focus on spotlighting a few of these individuals.

If you have been following The Graveyard Rabbit main blog you know I volunteered to copy edit the new Graveyard Rabbit Journal. With an English degree, and as a professional grant writer for the past six years, I felt this was one area where I had the skill set to be of some assistance. At some point I'd like to write some articles for the journal, but in many aspects of genealogy research I still feel like a student. I might be able to tutor someone who is just beginning, but there are more qualified individuals involved in this endeavor.

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Don Wood said...

good luck when the spring finally gets here XXX Don